Wedding Sugar Palette # 0905 | Pink Wishes

Today’s colors were inspired by the memorable day I spent with my family yesterday. Every year my husband and I venture out with my parents to buy our Christmas trees. Last year, I believe it took us about 6 tree lots before my mom and I found 2 trees that weren’t too full, too bottom heavy, too top heavy, too wimpy, too greenish-yellow, etc, etc. This year we found our perfect trees at the first lot we looked in, which I am positive is a Christmas miracle.
My Grandma found a few boxes of her old ornaments for us to look through and inside we found the most magnificent jumbo size vintage pink mercury glass Christmas tree balls. Thus began my obsession with making our tree a bubblegum pink ode to Grandma. It is adorable!
Before any of the tree shopping (tree criticizing) started, we kicked off the day with family brunch, and when it’s a holiday, that always means Gin Fizzes. Heard of them? Because it’s better than a Bloody Mary with your morning meal and I’m a die-hard Bloody Mary fan. A Gin Fizz is creamy-lemony-frothy goodness. Here’s the recipe if anyone is curious. (Always drink responsibly, and don’t let the eggs scare you!) Mix all of this in a blender:
In honor of the season, I dreamed up a little Christmas Wish List inspired by the colors in today’s Sugar Palette:
 A ‘Happiness’ Glassybaby Votive.  A Seattle icon, if you don’t own one of these babies yet…it’s time.

A pair of Fuchsia Christian Louboutin’s. A girl can dream.
A 2009 Holiday Barbie® Doll. Just check out the pink dress.
A dozen Red Velvet Cupcakes from Cupcake Royale. Delicious.
I hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of the season. I’m going to get another whiff my Christmas tree now…
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