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Lately, I’ve given a lot of thought as to what I can contribute to the wedding and events community through my blog, and have come up with a colorful solution! This morning, I’m very pleased to post the premier of “Sugar Palettes”. Each week, I will post a fresh new palette, specific to the time of year, the season and constantly evolving inspirations.
We are well into Fall in Seattle. Although I’m happy to pull out my sweaters and warm slippers after a really hot summer, I usually can’t wait to get through these cold seasons and back to Spring again. When we think of Fall, it is so typical to envision a plethora of pumpkin oranges and yellows, brown leaves and dark reds. This palette above is my take on a softer side of the season. Growing up near the water, one of the first things you see when Fall hits is how dark the water gets before a good storm. I chose that deep sea blue as my starting point for this palette. To keep things warm I added a pale gold. This could be bridesmaids shoes, table linens and glistening flickering candelabras. I added a cool ballet pink for contrast and a warm cloudy off-white to ground the colors with. This would make for a comforting and elegant fall wedding, out of the box, but definitely not out of style.
Click on the Polyvore collection for information on where you can purchase any of the items.
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  1. Ariel Nebeker
    Ariel Nebeker says:

    My first thought of fall is all the orange! In fact it's my favorite color:) However, I like the idea of taking a different approach. Gold is coming back! I think that balancing a few awesome gold accessories with the deep blue would stand out beautifully. I look forward to seeing more Kelsey:)


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