Wedding Design Tip | Floor Length Table Linens

Unless you are using gorgeous wood tables or unique pieces of furniture that you want to show off, I can’t stress how much floor length table linens will add to the ambiance in a wedding reception. The extra length is great for many reasons:
  • adds drama
  • hides unattractive metal table legs
  • fills space with something elegant where you would otherwise see the floor
  • gives a more clean, finished and thought-out look
  • adds visual weight to the lower half of the table {This is important. We spend so much time figuring out what the table-top will look like that it’s easy to forget to visually balance the second half of the table. With a floor length linen, the fabric, which has a strong visual weight, is “supporting” your display up top and creates a more consistent statement.}
Another option is to order an even larger table linen, which creates “pools” of fabric on the floor. We see this all the time with window drapes. It adds drama and can be very elegant when the right fabric is used in the right situation. For example, certain fabrics pool better than others, silk or taffeta is better than cotton, and it will generally look better on hardwood floors, rather than carpeting.
Always test your table design plan beforehand so you know what to expect on your wedding day! Your linen provider should be happy to help you do this. 
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