Wedding Advice | Thinking Outside of the {SHOE} Box.

If you search for Bridal Shoes online, you will find pages and pages of stores that specialize in various classic styles of white silk and satin shoes.  Just pick your style and your size and in 7-10 days it’s all yours.  Bam, done, cross it off your list of things to do.  Why has this become the standard?  Let’s apply a valuable lesson we learned in grade school and think outside of the box.  Bridal footwear options have come a long way since my mom wore bright white polyester platform pumps on her wedding day.  Have some fun with it!
With the right pair of shoes, a bride can express her sense of style through its shape, color and embellishments.  The added bonus is that you get to walk away {pun intended} from the best day of your life with a fabulous pair of shoes that will continue along your journey with you.
My own wedding shoes were a pair of Loeffler Randall peep-toes in baby-pink metallic leather and I’ve worn them quite a few times since our big day.  Yes, they were an investment piece, but I still love them as much, if not more, than I did at our wedding.  Their timeless style and craftsmanship will carry on for years to come and how great is it that I can reach for that box in my closet and wear them out to dinners, events or even our anniversary?  Ooh, I should wear them on Valentines Day this weekend!
Now, yes, I’m a sucker for an expensive shoe {I can’t help it, they’re drawn to me}, but there are plenty of budget-friendly, stylish choices out there that would be great alternatives to a classic bridal shoe.  Leather, feathers, tulle, crystals, booties or bows; jewel tone, pastel, saturated color, even black; there are hundreds of stunning options that will add a unique quality to your bridal fashion statement.  Explore your options before you check this one off your list!
Already married?  Planning a wedding and just found your dream shoes?  What’s your take on the subject?
Please note I resisted adding a single pair of Louboutin’s to the collection above.  That should serve as solid proof that I do not have an addiction. :)
Click on the Polyvore collection for information on where you can purchase any of the items.
3 replies
  1. Abbey Cheng
    Abbey Cheng says:

    The peep-bootie in the bottom row is pretty! I'm intreged by the idea of a bootie with a gown, I'd love to see it in real life.

  2. Skechers UK
    Skechers UK says:

    for a women , to purchase its bridal shoes is a very sensitive issue. your collection of bridal shoes is very close to women 's demand regarding shoes.

  3. elizatruitt
    elizatruitt says:

    I love that pyramid of shoes! I went for a gray satin peep toe with a ruffle embellishment over the toe and I heartily endorse the non-white wedding shoe thing…


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