Life Shifted | Making Things Happen Intensive with Lara Casey

This past weekend, I had the immense pleasure of attending MTH2010, a wedding industry workshop, also known as the Making Things Happen intensive.  It is the brain child of the magical Lara Casey {Editor in Chief of Southern Wedding’s Magazine, Owner of Bliss Event Group, Owner of Lara Casey Reps} and the brilliant photographer Jeff Holt.
I walked in not knowing what to expect, just hoping that like the past attendees, I would walk out with a very powerful energy and a new outlook on my business and life.  It was honest, challenging, emotional and revealing.  The Seattle group laid it all out on the table, from our greatest fears to our deepest strengths.  We figured out what drags each of us down and what fires each of us up.  We determined our goals and set plans in motion to make each one of them happen.  I am so grateful to have attended and to have been among many greats in the industry.  I feel a positive change in my thinking and in the future of my life and business.  Life shifted.
My favorite part of the workshop was when we were asked to write down our life’s purpose.  Normally that type of question would stop me in my tracks, but I was inspired and my mind was clear, the words flowed instinctivly from my pen to my paper:
To learn as much about life, human behavior and the world as I can.
To help others bring order to their chaos, bring peace to their minds and create calm for them to carry forward with.
I’ve been living with that purpose my whole life, I just never realized it until Saturday.  What is your life’s purpose?
If you are in the wedding industry and have a chance to attend MTH2010 in your area, MAKE IT HAPPEN!
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  1. rhembein
    rhembein says:

    It was awesome to meet you and I look forward to getting to know you better and cherring you on as we both blossom!


  2. shannon sewell
    shannon sewell says:

    so glad to have met you & to watch the shifting start to happen… cannot wait to see where you go from here 😉


  3. Kim Foren
    Kim Foren says:

    I loved meeting you and see you and all of us "wake up" in a sense to our true potential. YEA. Can't wait to hear more from everyone else.


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