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Love our style but not located in the Pacific Northwest? With our e-services, we work with you online to create a one-of-a-kind wedding design that expresses your unique style and personalities. Our package includes consultations, a detailed design plan, and sourcing recommendations which will help set you on the right track toward creating your picture-perfect day.

Your Package Includes:

1 Initial Skype Meeting (about an hour where we learn about your style)

A Personalized PDF Design Plan, including the following curated details:

  • Color Palette
  • General Inspiration
  • Table-Top Design Recommendations, Including Linen Selections
  • Floral InspirationCake/Dessert Inspiration
  • Paper Goods Inspiration
  • Sourcing of Select Design Elements
  • Basic Pricing Estimates for Sourced Elements
  • Sugarcomb Day-of Styling Tips and Day-of Design Kit Checklist

1 Wrap-Up Skype Meeting (about 30 minutes where we answer any questions and offer final design guidance)

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Wedding Fashion Tip | Weather or Not

Happy Bridesmaids equal a happy Bride! In consideration of the upcoming seasons (hard as it is to say goodbye to the warm weather), it’s a great idea to give your bridesmaids some weather appropriate dress and shoe options. Warmer fabrics like satin and taffeta will greatly add to their comfort, as well as considering the dress length and sleeve options.  There are masses of dressy shoe options in velvet and suede as well as booties for a little bit more coverage. Here are some ideas…
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Wedding Design Tip | Tell a Visual Story

Planning a wedding can easily turn into a shopping spree.  “I love this and this and this…!”  It’s so easy to do, you pick everything you fall in love with: dresses, shoes, invitations, linens, decor, etc.  When you take a step back and look at all of your choices as a whole, as they will be seen on your wedding day, do they all tell the same story?  Not everything has to match, but in order to throw a wedding that visually captures your guests and could be wedding blog or magazine-worthy, the design must be consistent.  You should be able to hold any of your choices up to another and they should make the same statement.  Telling a story is a phrase I’ve heard countless times as a designer; it’s like a theme, but more so, it portrays a feeling in a moment.  It visually tells viewers about a person, a time, a place and an emotion, without speaking a single word.  It is the easiest way to captivate an audience, to throw a wedding that becomes known for it’s details, and to help you keep your choices manageable as you plan your big day.
 Click on the Polyvore collections to find out where you can purchase any of the items
Here are two examples of different stories.  Notice the feeling the groups create, what kind of bride & groom would each of these stories portray?  What would the guests experience?  They both tell two very different stories, but both are beautiful…
What story will you tell at your wedding?

Wedding Design Tip | Setting up Reception Chairs

Most of us were well trained in childhood, parents and teachers telling us lovingly to “push in your chair!” When setting up a wedding reception, the chairs can easily become an afterthought, they get spread evenly around to their tables and forgotten about. One detail, that will make a tremendous difference in the look of the reception, is to not push in the chairs. This applies, for the most part, to tables with floor length table linens, but should apply to uncovered tables as well.  Slide the chair up to the point where it is just barely about to touch the hanging table linen and stop. This way, it doesn’t make a dent in the fabric and the lines of your table look clean, finished, picture perfect and ready for your guests.
Photo by: Anna Kuperberg via 100 Layer Cake Blog

Wedding Advice | Thinking Outside of the {SHOE} Box.

If you search for Bridal Shoes online, you will find pages and pages of stores that specialize in various classic styles of white silk and satin shoes.  Just pick your style and your size and in 7-10 days it’s all yours.  Bam, done, cross it off your list of things to do.  Why has this become the standard?  Let’s apply a valuable lesson we learned in grade school and think outside of the box.  Bridal footwear options have come a long way since my mom wore bright white polyester platform pumps on her wedding day.  Have some fun with it!
With the right pair of shoes, a bride can express her sense of style through its shape, color and embellishments.  The added bonus is that you get to walk away {pun intended} from the best day of your life with a fabulous pair of shoes that will continue along your journey with you.
My own wedding shoes were a pair of Loeffler Randall peep-toes in baby-pink metallic leather and I’ve worn them quite a few times since our big day.  Yes, they were an investment piece, but I still love them as much, if not more, than I did at our wedding.  Their timeless style and craftsmanship will carry on for years to come and how great is it that I can reach for that box in my closet and wear them out to dinners, events or even our anniversary?  Ooh, I should wear them on Valentines Day this weekend!
Now, yes, I’m a sucker for an expensive shoe {I can’t help it, they’re drawn to me}, but there are plenty of budget-friendly, stylish choices out there that would be great alternatives to a classic bridal shoe.  Leather, feathers, tulle, crystals, booties or bows; jewel tone, pastel, saturated color, even black; there are hundreds of stunning options that will add a unique quality to your bridal fashion statement.  Explore your options before you check this one off your list!
Already married?  Planning a wedding and just found your dream shoes?  What’s your take on the subject?
Please note I resisted adding a single pair of Louboutin’s to the collection above.  That should serve as solid proof that I do not have an addiction. 🙂
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Planning Your Wedding | The First Decision

Photo: Vera Wang Spring 2010

Photo: Vera Wang Spring 2010
With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching and the holidays behind us, the newly (and nearly) engaged are everywhere!  If you’re one of them, one of those grand moments is occurring in your life.  I’m guessing you’ve found it’s followed by a whirlwind, right?  The excitement, telling your friends and family, showing off the ring, the questions everyone is asking about your wedding plans, the advice coming from every direction.  Where do you start?  Not all brides have one of those notorious wedding binders they made when they were 8 years old, full of bits and pieces of their dream wedding, photos, fabrics and inspiration that they added over the years.  What most of us do is get anxious and want to jump into making lots of major decisions at once.  Choosing the date, finding your location(s), picking colors, choosing flowers, ordering the cake, signing a photographer and committing yourself to things because they’re available is common, but maybe they don’t feel quite right because you can’t see the overall picture yet.  Sound familiar?
Here is the best advice I can give to a newly engaged girl:  “Slow down! Enjoy where you are at in life for a few quiet moments.  Start gathering inspiration from wedding magazines’ and websites.  Then, before you do anything else, make an appointment at a bridal gown boutique.”
If you’ve done it before you know that trying on wedding dresses is an experience like no other.  The usual rules of fashion go completely out the window.  What you walk in liking is very rarely what you leave with.  For example, I went in with planning to find a light and airy halter gown and went home with a lush silk strapless drop waist gown.  I know my body and what kinds of clothes fit me the best, but this isn’t like prom dress shopping, ladies.  Saying that bridal fashion is a whole other world is not an exaggeration.  The perfect wedding dress finds you.  You need to go in with an open mind, and trust your gut.  The reason I advise this as your first big wedding decision is because you never know what kind of dress you will fall in love with.
Photo: Corina Lecca. Badgley Mischka Fall 2010
A wedding is made up of many elements that come together to form one grand event.  Common with any type of design, if you want a flawless final product, all of the elements should mesh well together, be consistent and complimentary to one another.  Finding out what type of gown is going to make you feel like a gorgeous bride is the perfect first puzzle piece in this journey of decisions.  It is something solid you can use to base the remaining decisions off of.  The formality of your gown can assist you in what direction you should go with your venue and beyond.  If you fall in love with an elaborately adorned couture ball gown, there are venues that dress will look better in than others, like a ball room glistening with over-sized chandeliers.  If you fall in love with a flowy organic cotton v-neck gown, it’s just begging to be worn in a relaxed outdoor wedding or a rustic airy space.  If you want advice on all of the following decisions you need to make, just ask your dress!  It should be a reflection of yourself; it is one of the few elements of the wedding (along with your groom, your guest-book and gifts) that you will still be able to hold onto after the wedding.  It’s one of those things that a girl will love forever; it is the perfect jumping off point in an amazing journey ahead of you.   So, slow down…and make an appointment at a bridal gown boutique.  You’ll see what I’m talking about.
Been there?  Share what the experience was like for you.
Photo: Corina Lecca. Reem Acra Fall 2010.